9 things educators can do about PE to make more students feel welcome in school


Partnerships Growth Associate & former PE teacher Rob Mestas shares 9 concrete things we can do to make sure students who succeed in PE feel connected in school.

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The Seed You Sow: Early Stories that Cultivate a Passion for Learning and Bonds that Last a Lifetime


Kania Johnson shares a delightful reflection on the power of early childhood books to connect children to reading and learning for a lifetime.

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Line Back Up: Meet Emotional Support Teacher, Mitchell Lee

community, partner-profile

Meet & learn from Educator for Innocence, Mitchell Lee. A Middle School Special Education Emotional Support Teacher in Pennsylvania, Mitchell shares insights about what it takes – and what it gives – to connect disconnected children to their education.

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Introducing: Community Strategy Labs


Explore a new way to get help from an expert group of educators around struggling students.

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Ricochet: the last assignment’s not the last

community, stories-reflections

John Creger, Educator for Innocence & recently retired English Teacher at American High School in Fremont, CA, tells a beautiful story of a multi-generational connection between an educator and a family. It’s an example of how meaningful and lasting our relationships with children can be. 

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