by Sami Saltzman, Director, Innocent Classroom Movement

Educators all over the country are working harder than ever to reach & teach every student in their care.

Thanks to the insights of an electric focus group of Educators, Behavioral Therapists, and Coaches for Innocence who met over the summer, we’re proud to introduce a new support for the Innocent Community: 

Community Strategy Labs! 

Designed for people who have a working knowledge of Innocent Classroom Practice, these small groups will create a caring & supportive environment where we help each other create action plans to solve for current challenges with students who we’re struggling to reach.

Educators in the Innocent Community should join this collaborative effort to gain strategies for reaching students and to brainstorm solutions with and for colleagues from across the country. 

We’re big on continuous improvement at Innocent Technologies, which means we’ll launch this new support by running two pilot groups this November – click here to register, and then – based on what we learn – offer them regularly in varying formats after that. 

Questions, comments, want to join but not sure if it’s for you? Email


Which student should I bring up?

Likely, whoever springs to your mind first is a perfect place to start. Is there a student who seems disconnected from you, their classmates, the material? A student who you can tell isn’t feeling connected? A student who you feel you haven’t quite “gotten” yet? A student whose behavior has suddenly changed? A student who seems to struggle in colleagues’ rooms but not yours, or yours but not colleagues’? Or a student who’s showing up in ways that tell you they’re not resonating with school right now? That’s the right student to bring to the group. 

What do I need to prepare? 

Absolutely nothing. All you’ll need you already have. Just come ready to collaborate & ideate to help other educators come up with their next steps.

Will these sessions include lessons on Innocent Classroom 101? 

No! This session is designed for folks with a working knowledge of Innocent Classroom – we will jump right into strategizing & action planning. If you haven’t yet experienced Innocent Classroom and would like to, click here to let us know.

Can I invite my colleagues? 

Absolutely! Send them this link: