Improved Academic Growth

“Other teachers notice the way I relate to the kids, the way my students seem to enjoy me more. I told them that it has a lot to do with the methods and strategies learned in The Innocent Classroom.”

Educator for Innocence,
Omaha Public Schools

88% Illustration

of educators reported an increase in academic mindset when they used Innocent Classroom strategies to engage a child.

“Because of the training, I have noticed students respond differently to me… Students feel they are supported when adults take the time to listen.”

Educator for Innocence, Minneapolis Public Schools


of educators report that they have seen more academic growth than usual in some or most of their students.


Transformed Climate and Culture

Schools that partner Innocent Classroom report gains in collaboration, empathy and understanding among staff.

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of educators reported stronger relationships with students.


of educators reported that their students have an increased sense of belonging in the classroom.


of educators reported giving students more individual attention because of Innocent Classroom.

“It took us to a new place relationally. We talk about what’s the Good in the kid. What a nice place that is to start, instead of saying, ‘I know he’s got some good qualities, but…’ we say ‘I see the Good in that kid, how can we build on that?’ That’s been transformational for us.”

Innocent Classroom Participant, Omaha Public Schools Alternative Program Educator

Reduced Disciplinary Incidents:

Students in Innocent Classrooms are less likely to be sent out of the classroom (or the school) for behavior problems and more likely to be welcomed back into the classroom.

“The skills I learned help separate behavior from the student, making it easier to have a relationship with the child while still addressing and defusing negative behavior.”

Educator for Innocence,
St. Paul Public Schools


of educators reported sending students out of the classroom less frequently.


reduction in weekly disciplinary referrals reported.

One elementary school in St. Paul Public Schools reported an overall 44% reduction in behavioral referrals following one year of Innocent Classroom partnership. There was a 48% reduction in behavior referrals for Black students during this same year.

Improved Educator Job Satisfaction


of educators reported a more positive daily outlook because of Innocent Classroom.


of educators believe they are part of a positive change happening in their school community.

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