Partnerships in Education:

Innocent Classroom

We help educators connect every child and family to the curiosity, vibrancy, and possibility within their school experience.

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Strategic Partnership Services

Aligned to team, school, or district-wide goals, services can be offered to a team of educators, as a whole school effort, or a multi-school effort.

Book Clubs

Led by members of the expert Innocent Classroom Implementation Team, use Alexs Pate’s The Innocent Classroom: Dismantling Racial Bias to Support Students of Color to introduce the patterns of thinking & action required to support a Practice of Innocence.

Study & Implementation Groups

Partner with us to learn & apply the foundational Practice of Innocence in your space and plan for supporting a broader team in implementation.

Half-Day or Full-Day Workshops

In a quick burst of partnership, establish new patterns of thinking, build your foundational Practice of Innocence skillset, and create opportunities for collaboration aligned to your goals.

Recurring Professional Learning

In a sustained, strategic partnership, learn, implement, and sustain the patterns of thinking, action, collaboration, leadership, and implementation that create full Innocent Classrooms or Schools.

Outcome-Driven Workshops for Teams and Schools

We can offer these standalone workshops to any team or school, aligned to your impact-goals.


Centering Humanity in our Work with Students

Education is fundamentally a human and relational profession. In this workshop, educators will learn how to center their humanity in their work to drive positive outcomes and improved job satisfaction. By developing relational strategies that focus on our why, and the human experiences we want children to have, educators and children will increase authentic engagement and positive relationships to learning in the classroom.  


Navigating Student Behavior with a Relational Approach 

Student behavior can challenge and puzzle us. In this workshop, educators will learn and apply a relational approach as a proactive and routine response to the challenges and puzzles we see each day. Educators will learn the steps for empathetically anticipating behavior, try it out with an example scenario, and then try applying this skill with a child you interact with every day.  


Collaborating for Connectedness: Working Together to Drive Better Outcomes for our Students

As educators we know that when we work together, we can drive better outcomes and experiences for our students. In this workshop, educators will learn how to use a collaborative relational methodology to increase a child’s connectedness to learning. Starting with students who may be the most distant from the experience we want them to have, educators will develop plans to engage these children and improve their relationships to learning.  

Family Engagement: Strategies to Center Belonging and Connectedness 

Educators desire positive relationships with the families and caregivers of our students, and vice versa. We all want to feel a strong bond and connection with one another– a connection that builds trust and a belief in possibilities with school. Too often, despite the shared desire for belonging and connectedness, relationships with families can be filled with stress, even anxiety. In this workshop, educators will learn a relational methodology to generate a new approach and specific strategies to build relationships based on trust and belief.   


STEM Education for All: Reframing Narratives to Build Inclusive STEM Instruction 

As STEM educators, we desire the full participation of all students in our communities. We also know that Black, brown, and Indigenous children participate in advanced Math and Science courses at lower levels than their peers. In this introductory workshop, we will examine societal narratives that contribute to this lack of participation, and we will develop specific counter-narratives that will help to boost connectedness to Science and Math. Participants will develop a plan for applying their learning in relationship to students in their classroom and to promoting the opportunities of Science and Math to students who do not currently benefit from their instruction.  

Sustaining Innocence: The Innocent Community

Throughout our partnership, educators and leaders have access to the Innocent Community. The Community offers opportunities for Innocent Classroom practitioners to sustain, refresh, and improve their practice.  We offer regular events, practice supports, and opportunities to connect & collaborate with other Educators for Innocence across the country.

This community inspires educators to sustain and innovate their approach. A consistent infusion of ideas from peers bolsters each educator’s ongoing practice.

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